In a vibe saturated with rich culture and superlative extravagance, Sahara Sapphire, Mumbai's biggest column less multi-reason occasion corridor, gives an open door for each host to declare their occasion to the world. Inn Sahara Star gloats of its biggest lobby in the city with a story plate of 55,000 sq.ft,an great roof statue of 25ft. lofts an overwhelming inclination in a city that is squeezed for excellent festivals. Perfect for corporate celebration gatherings and mixed drink gatherings, its building highlights show a fine mix of Indian sensibilities and contemporary outline in its superb condition.

With a focal corridor of 28,000 sq ft and 2 Annexe lobbies of 6000 sq ft each and a pre-work territory of 3000 sq ft additionally rules the feeling of glory and pride in its expansive space. With an ability to motivate upto 2500 visitors in its rich feeling, Sahara Sapphire is an unmistakable expansion to the city with numerous firsts gloried to it. Quintessential for item dispatches, its particular scissor lift with an ability to convey substantial loaded items to the occasion lobby is an unmistakable expansion to the city, making it one of the one of a kind attractions to the corporates of the world. Its committed six roomy lifts are additionally one of the numerous conspicuous highlights of the lobby.

Supplemented by a devoted best in class kitchen, its honor winning Chefs and profoundly prepared Personal Butlers attempt to convey world-class food and the absolute most amazing mark drink brands to visitors of recognizing taste. Appended green rooms gives a chance to serve unique visitors and hosts of the occasion in a rich and select level of solace. In a vibe that jubilates undeniable extravagance, Sahara Sapphire is a passage to another universe of disclosure and individual improvement.

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