Jade reclassifies festivity with supreme wonder. Ruled by contemporary plan, its personal planned spaces grasp a dismal play of style and moderation. With an ability to have 1000 visitors in its inexhaustible space of 10,000 sq.ft. Jade's column less multi-work zone with a roof tallness of 18 feet is a charming sight for each visitor. Neighboring its dance floor is a pre-work territory that is spread crosswise over 3,500 sq.ft. that turns into your host to mixed drinks and breakouts.

The dance floors novel capacity to change over into two soundproof segments by a best in class Dorma Air divider settles on it a perfect decision for littler occasions, workshops, and addresses. Its propelled interactive media and correspondences innovation alongside other unmistakable highlights enhance the celebratory experience without fail. With an adaptability to have, both, corporate occasions and social celebrations, Jade introduces a fine mix of contemporary and Indian sensibilities to enamour each heart.

  • Multipurpose Pillar less assembly hall.
  • Hanging crystal fixtures for sufficient lighting.
  • Accessible bathrooms.
  • Stage introduction space.
  • Changeable lighting to suit your occasion.
  • Push catch mechanization A/V control.
  • Ballroom can be set up in different approaches to suit your customized social or business prerequisite

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