Sahara Star, the leader lodging of Sahara India Pariwar, is one of India's most alluring goals. The 5-star grand lodging deliberately situated close to Mumbai's local air terminal wonderfully mixes Indian otherworldliness and culture, while representing the nation's dynamic soul mixing consummate friendliness with ultra-present day innovation. The Hotel is a particular yet contemporary goal which takes into account the visitor's prerequisites with best in class conveniences, administrations and advancements. Inn Sahara Star captivates the world with its heavenliness, a compositional wonder, a superb milestone, a goal to be knowledgeable about its whole magnificence.

Making a change in outlook, Sahara Star features world biggest column less-clear-to-sky vault, a compositional milestone mixing cordiality and stimulation to provide food a standout amongst the most individualized friendliness encounters.The world's first 'side of the equator' three compound-bended specially crafted all glass all encompassing lifts ascending in the colorful 55,000 sq. ft tropical tidal pond can be found nowhere else. The excellent new hall of the lodging that solidly separates among development and creation is a visual joy, a building wonder, a clinical combination of plan and space.Complemented by India's best 4,000 sqft Marine Aquarium, home world's solitary Private Dining Room inside a marine aquarium stunning marine lives, the Hotel weaves an eating office in the midst of these sea-going marvels.

In a climate saturated with rich culture and superlative extravagance, Sahara Sapphire, Mumbai's biggest column less multi-reason occasion corridor, gives an open door for each host to declare their occasion to the world. Lodging Sahara Star brags of its biggest corridor in the city with a story plate of 55,000 sq.ft, a great roof statue of 25ft. With an ability to have 1000 visitors in its bottomless space of 10,000 sq.ft. Jade's column less multi-work region with a roof tallness of 18 feet is a spellbinding sight for each visitor. Also, ruled by contemporary plan, Jade Ballroom grasps a grave play of polish.

Remarkably particular Sahara Star has 354 delightfully made, lavishly styled visitor rooms including 25 most extravagantly named suites and 4 nourishment and drink goals and 1 matchless adventure. Here, the way of life, persona and accommodation of India mixes with current office and administrations to make the best business-cum-recreation lodging of the nation.

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