Depicted as 'UK's Sexiest Townhouse Hotel' by the Evening Standard, The Roseate Reading is perceived for its guileful origination and extravagance. The Hotel prides on its tender loving care, a state of mind that is acknowledged from the lodging staff to the offices accessible to make your stay appreciated and essential. Regardless of whether it is the 86,000 Italian-glass globules in the crystal fixture that dangles from the highest point of the building or the extravagant textures and swanky backdrops, our fastidious outline sense is omnipresent in keeping up an elevated atmosphere. The Roseate Reading was initially Shire Hall for the Berkshire County Council. The working, alongside its wide corridors, vaulted roofs, cornice moldings and the first lift shaft have all been definitely reestablished to their unique grandness. To resuscitate the old world appeal of the Shire Hall, its gathering chamber, Eden alongside its impressive chimney and expand wood carvings on the entryways and mantlepiece have all been reestablished to their past magnificence.

The Roseate Reading is a climax of richness and warmth for our visitors.

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